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Monday, May 29, 2023
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Blessings (Romans 8: 14-15)! This is Jon Kinsey, owner and director of Adopt Florida Home Studies. Thank you for visiting our web site. We have many adoption success stories and God is blessings us by blessing so many families we work with.
Since November 2003, Adopt Florida Home Studies has conducted some 500+ adoption home studies, working with families from Miami to Pensacola with domestic and foreign adoptions from Russia, Siberia, China, India, Africa, S. America, the Ukraine and more.
When you begin the home study process you enter into a very intimate relationship with someone you really do not personally know. This requires trust that the person you are providing your most private information to is a licensed professional who will handle your information with the utmost confidentiality and security and also, most importantly, that the home study provider is of high moral character and has the knowledge, experience, credentials and training to open the door into your life!
When you contract Adopt Florida Home Studies you can be confident you are hiring an Agency with a proven track record of professionalism, integrity, success, trustworthiness who has the experience and protocols in place to handle your vital information in the securest manner possible. I can assure you that after 21+ years as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and 14 years and 500+ home studies, there are only a hand full of independent home study providers that have equal qualifications. 
You need go no further than calling our Office at 850.496.5043 to receive Professional, Fast and Affordable home study services.
Please peruse our web site to find out more about our Company and Home Study Professionals. You will want to visit The Home Study page to learn about the Home Study Process and download the Home Study Checklist to get an idea of the paperwork you will complete to begin the home study journey. We have also included several informative links to agencies and adoption information such as tax credits and financing an adoption.
Please contact us and allow Leina and I to speak with you personally about your needs and how Adopt Florida Home Studies can be your Professional, Fast and Affordable Adoption Home Study source.
 His unchanging plan has always been
to adopt us into his own family
by sending Jesus Christ to die for us
and he did this because he wanted to ! Ephesians 1:5
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