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Friday, July 01, 2022
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The Home Study

 What is a Home Study?

The term Home Study is two fold; one, the Home Study is the report created by your Home Study Professional that is a written representation of your qualifications to adopt a child. This report is how most people involved in your adoption process will form their opinion about you the prospective adoptive family, the home you can provide and what kind of parents you will be.

Your Home Study Professional will write a report that presents you in the best light possible. This is important because most people that read your Home Study will never meet you personally or step foot in your home. The Life History Questionnaire gathers the primary information needed to create this favorable report. The more the Home Study Counselor knows about you, the easier it is to give a complete and accurate picture of you in the Home Study.

Secondly, the home study is the process the Home Study Professional goes through to evaluate the prospective adoptive families qualifications to adopt a child. This process involves the home visit, background screenings, reference checks, paper work and gathering personal information needed to complete the Home Study Report accurately and completely.

The process and report are all guiding by Florida Statutes, State Laws, Agency requirements, and if an international adoption, the requirements of the country you are adopting from (which can vary by province) and INS requirements.

It is our desire at Adopt-Florida Home Studies to make your Home Study smooth and seamless so to take the worry out of this part of your adoption. We are here to guide you through the process and are always available for questions.

When you are ready to get started, you will find a checklist on our Forms page.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Do I Need a Home Study?

In the State of Florida, if a family wishes to adopt a child either from Florida, another State or Internationally, Florida Statutes requires a Home Study to be completed. A qualified Home Study Provider Licensed in the State of Florida must complete the Home Study.

Why an Independent Home Study?

Most adoption agencies can provide a Home Study if they are located in the State of Florida. If you desire to use an agency located outside the State of Florida where 80% of the agencies are, then you will need a Home Study Provider Licensed in the State of Florida to complete your study.

Also, the advantage of an independent Home Study is the study can be used with many agencies. As you are contemplating which agency to use, you can present your completed Adoption Home Study to validate your qualifications to adopt a child. It is normal for the potential adoptive family to contact several agencies before deciding on the one agency that will provide their child placement services.

Why can’t Adopt-Florida Home Studies complete the adoption?

Although I have licensed three child-placing agencies for other companies, being a complete service adoption agency ("Licensed Child Placing Agency) is a considerable and costly undertaking. It is the long term plans for Adopt-Florida Home Studies to be a full service Adoption Agency in the future. We shall wait upon the Lord as he provides the resources needed.

What is the Home Visit?

The Home Study Professional will visit your home and family at least one time prior to beginning their report. This is a rather informal meeting in the prospective adoptive families home to meet all the family members and get a picture of the atmosphere and physical surroundings of the home and the neighborhood. Included in the visit the health, safety, and enviroment of the home is assesed.  Your Home Study Professional is there to help you to adopt a child. Any suggestions will be addressed at the visit. At Adopt-Florida Home Studies, we desire for all prospective families to quilify to adopt a child. It is our goal to assure your success in the adoption process.

What is the Post-Adoptive Placement Report?

As a general rule, after you get your bundles of joy home, your Home Study Professional will visit your home an additional two to three times and provide to your Adoption Agency a Post-Adoptive Placement Report. The report details the physical and emotional development of your child, adjustment of the child and family and any difficulties. Post-placement visits occur at six-months and 12 months following placement. Your Child-Placing Agency will inform you of the number and frequency of the visits.

How Much Does the Adoption Home Study Cost?

You will find our fees are significantly less than most agencies. We break down our fee schedule into three categories, The Home Study Report, Travel Expenses, and Post-placement Reports. The total fee is determined by the basic cost of the home study plus travel expenses and if you wish to include the post-placement in the original fee or pay as you go. We will provide a Professional Domestic Home Study at the lowest cost possible, usually about $1200.00. Call or e-mail us for the fee that matches your needs. Also, ask about our fees for Custody and Forensic Home Studies.

How Long Does A Home Study Take?

It is the goal of Adopt-Florida Home Studies to have a completed Home Study to you and your Child-Placing Agency within four weeks of the home visit. This is a reasonable expectation as long as we receive the necessary paperwork from you and other sources in this time frame. We will keep you informed every step of the way of the progress of your report.

You will find a paperwork checklist on our Forms page.